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OVER 200 EXHIBITORS! EDUCATIONAL SEMINARS! NETWORKING!  Save time and build relationships – Meet with over 200 exhibitors   offering endless solutions in   every area including building management, insurance, security, landscaping, maintenance, energy,   telecommunications, plumbing, HVAC, fuel, interior design, and more.  Learn from the experts – Attend educational seminars.  Receive FREE expert advice – Visit our FREE Advice Booths   and get valuable guidance from our legal,   fi nancial, management, and building experts.  Win great door prizes.          One Day. One Location. Endless Solutions.  CHICAGOLAND’S BIGGEST AND BEST   CONDO, HOA, CO-OP & APT. EXPO!  14 COOPERATORNEWS CHICAGOLAND  —EXPO 2021  CHICAGO.COOPERATORNEWS.COM

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