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CHICAGO.COOPERATORNEWS.COM  COOPERATORNEWS CHICAGOLAND  —  EXPO 2021    29  FULL SERVICE PLUMBING    Boiler repair and replacement    Sewer repair and installation    New construction and remodeling    Riser repair and replacement    Pump repair and installation    RPZ testing, repair and installation    Video camera inspections    Gas line repair and installation    Leak detection and repair    Building systems maintenance    Commercial design and build    Grease / triple  basin cleaning    Sand basin cleaning    Kitchen / garage cleaning  FULL SERVICE  HVAC    Commercial HVAC installation and replacement    Building systems maintenance    Heating boiler repair and installation    Rooftop unit repair and installation    Make-up Air system repair and installation    Ventilation and exhaust system repair and installation    Humidification and dehumidification system repair and installation    Commercial design and build  GENERAL CONSTRUCTION    Framing    Drywall repair and installation    Flooring installation    Painting    Cabinetry installation    Countertop installation    Design and build services    Tile installation  WHO:  We are a woman-owned general construction business serving Chicagoland since 2007.  WHAT:  We are premier professionals in the fields of plumbing, HVAC, and general construction.  WHERE:   We serve Chicago and surrounding suburbs.  WHEN:   We offer 24/7/365   Emergency Service   to our clients!  HOW:  We hire, train, and retain only the most skilled and loyal technicians.               Our work is guaranteed and bonded to meet your satisfaction.   10119 West Roosevelt Road  Westchester, IL 60154  312.985.9400  GREEN MACHINE TOWING IS   READY WHEN YOU NEED US!  The Professional Choice since 1962  COMMITTED TO CUSTOMER SERVICE  Your satisfaction is our primary concern and   we go beyond the call to exceed it each time!  630-305-0533  Call us 24 hours a day, 7 days   a week, and 365 days a year  • Flatbed Towing  • Jump Starts  • Lockout Service  • Tire Changes  • Roadside Assistance  • Rollback Service  • Wheel Lift Service  • Motorcycle Towing  • Bobcat Towing  • Forklift Towing  • Storage Facilities  • Long Distance Towing  • Relocation Services  • We Buy Junk Cars   American Hydrotech, Inc., headquar-  tered in Chicago, is a leading supplier of  or down the line. Alimonti recommends   materials for all types of green and other  starting the process of evaluating the fea-  efficient roofing systems, including those  sibility and design of any roof project by   on residential buildings in and around  hiring a professional architect, who will   the city, as well as in other metros like  bring in structural, mechanical, electrical,   New York and Boston. Garden Roof &  plumbing, or other engineers, as well as a   Blue Roof Department Manager Rich-  ard Hayden tells   CooperatorNews   that the  of the design to obtain tax credits or incen-  benefits of these types of installations are  tives.  many  and  varied.  “First  of  all,”  he  says,   “the insulating materials keep the building  tural elements are determined, green roof   dry. That’s the most important thing. From  plans can be expanded to include solar   there, you have everything from stormwa-  ter runoff management to habitat forma-  tion to urban farming to increased build-  ing value. These are amenities that people  “This electricity can then be used by the   like to have.”  Installations can be scaled for all differ-  ent types and locations of properties, says  for consumption by others. Solar panels   Hayden, depending on what a building or  are a great way for a building to create its   community wants from its green roof. “The  own electricity and help reduce the electri-  technologies and applications continue to  cal loads.”  evolve,” he says. “You can have just a layer   of low-soil plantings, or an entire rooftop  bine green and solar technologies. Green   park, with pavement and decking and fur-  niture.” With costs for such projects also  ing with cities nationwide, has created   widely ranging, a   board might also   want to consider   how much return   on  investment  the project will   produce.   In the United   States, green roof   costs—including   everything from   waterproofing   to plants—tend   to range from $18 to $25 per square foot,  peal,  health  benefits  through  greenery,  a   depending on how intensive the system  sustainable food source, solar power, com-  is.  The  initial  capital  and ongoing main-  tenance costs of a green roof are typically  modity. Energy collected through the solar   offset by long-term cost savings that come  panels can be used in the building or sold   from reduced roof maintenance and re-  placement needs and lower utility bills.  the greenhouse can also be distributed or   Other benefits like property value and res-  ident quality of life are harder to quantify  community.  but equally significant.   What about Solar?  Adding photovoltaic panels to any green  which the climate crisis must be addressed   roof project is a way to enhance the ROI  and the impact that buildings specifically   and  a  building’s  efficiency.  With  lighter,  have  on  the  disaster, elevating a  conven-  more efficient, and less expensive modules  tional roof to one that is green—by any   hitting the market (see “New Green Tech  of the foregoing definitions—can be a   for the Multifamily Sector” also in this is-  sue), bringing solar to an urban high-rise  any community—one  that also  provides   is no longer cost-prohibitive. And in some  benefits to residents and the surrounding   cities, like New York, all new buildings and  neighborhood. Any other roof is just … a   any undergoing extensive roof renovation  roof.   or replacement must include some kind of   green component or solar array or both,   per Local Laws 92 and 94.   In any roof project, determining the   load tolerance is the first step to deciding   what is possible on a particular surface.   If a roof is 15 years old or more, say ex-  perts, it might be time to replace the roof   anyway, allowing for more options when   it  comes  time  to  “green”—whether  that’s   in conjunction with the roof replacement   code consultant to determine applicability   Once the load capacity and other struc-  energy production. “Solar panels are de-  signed to absorb the sun’s rays and trans-  form them into electricity,” says Alimonti.   building, stored in batteries for later use,   and/or it can be sent to the electrical grid   There are  even applications  that com-  Rain Solar, based in Nevada and partner-  next-generation so-  lar  greenhouses,  designed  and  devel-  oped by architect   Anthony Morali  for   use on urban roof-  tops. Using custom-  ized red  greenhouse   glass and seamless   solar  panels, says   the company, these   rooftop  additions  provide aesthetic ap-  munity space, and perhaps even a com-  to a utility provider; vegetation grown in   sold within the building or to the broader   Raise the Roof  Given the scale and immediacy with   cost-effective and practical solution for   n  Darcey Gerstein is Associate Editor and   Staff Writer for CooperatorNews.  “In areas with more   cooling degree days,   a cool roof is a no-  brainer.”       —American Home   Contractors  See us at Booth 222  See us at Booth 813

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