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CHICAGO.COOPERATORNEWS.COM  COOPERATORNEWS CHICAGOLAND —  EXPO 2021    5  Subject to credit approval.  No Prepayment Penalties   •   Fast Loan Approvals   •   Expertise   •   Flexible Terms and Conditions  If your association is in need of improvements, please contact  Tim Haviland   630.908.6708 or  at  LOW COST CONDOMINIUM  ASSOCIATION LOANS  TABLE OF CONTENTS  Yale Robbins   Publisher  Henry Robbins   Executive Vice President  Joanna DiPaola   Associate Publisher  Hannah Fons   Senior Editor  Darcey Gerstein   Associate Editor  Pat Gale   Associate Editor  Shirly Korchak   Art Director  Anne Anastasi   Production Manager  Alan J. Sidransky   Staff Writer  Peter Chase   Director of Sales    CooperatorNews Chicagoland is published quarterly by Yale Robbins Infomedia, 205 Lexington Ave., New York, NY 10016, (212) 683-5700. President: Yale Robbins, Executive Vice President: Henry Robbins. Subscriptions are available free by request to  co-op and condo board   members and homeowner associations. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to CooperatorNews Chicagoland, 205 Lexington Ave., New York, NY 10016. ©Yale Robbins Infomedia 2021. All rights reserved. Application to mail Periodicals postage rates is pending at New York NY.   FREE Subscriptions for Board Members, Property Managers and Real Estate Decision Makers. To Subscribe, please visit us at:  N   G     T            M           S     .....    In the beginning … there was light. And all this time later, we are finally harnessing   light’s energy to power our cities, our buildings, and our everyday devices—mostly   because all of the energy sources we’ve used until now emit incalculable amounts of   carbon and other dangerous particles into the atmosphere, causing what is now widely   understood to be a global climate catastrophe.   R                 C                     ...... .    When a property or individual finds itself or himself in a situation that threatens the   continued economic viability of the asset or estate our laws provide a supervised level of   assistance from qualified third parties.  N   K           B    ....    Across the country, one of the biggest challenges to governing co-ops, condominiums,   and homeowners associations is finding new members who are willing to volunteer their   time and energy to serve on their community’s board of directors.  G     O          M   8.442  2.338  5.278  4.34  8.766  2.338 5.376  5.278  8.442  2.338  2.534  4.48  8.586 8.586  11.34

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