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A fi re in a high-rise that is not   protected with fi re sprinklers   can quickly become dangerous for   occupants and fi refi ghters. Due to today’s   fast-burning synthetic furnishings that   produce thick toxic smoke, fi res can become deadly in   as little as two minutes.   Fire sprinklers are activated by heat from a fi re.   Only the sprinkler closest to the fi re activates, which   prevents the fi re from spreading, thereby protecting   your investment and allowing occupants to escape and   fi refi ghters to respond.  If your building is not protected with fi re sprinklers,   consider retrofi tting today to ensure it has the greatest   fi re protection. If your building is protected, make   sure the system is properly inspected, tested, and   maintained (ITM) by a licensed fi re sprinkler contractor.  Make sure your high-rise is not high risk for fi res.   Protect it with fi re sprinklers.  HIGH-RISE     SHOULDN’T MEAN   HIGH RISK  Fire sprinklers save lives  & protect property.   @ 2020 Northern Illinois Fire Sprinkler Advisory Board.  All rights reserved.  A non-for-profi t organizati on.   F  IRE PRINKLER SSOC ORG  S  A  .  F  IRE PRINKLER ESTING ORG  S  T  .  H  IGH ISE IFE AFETY COM  R L  S  .  General   informati on  Inspecti on, Testi ng &   Maintenance informati on  High-Rise   Retrofi t informati on  For more information, call NIFSAB at 708-403-4468, or visit:   fast-burning synthetic furnishings that   occupants and fi refi ghters. Due to today’s  refi ghters. Due to today’s   occupants and fi  CHICAGO.COOPERATORNEWS.COM  COOPERATORNEWS CHICAGOLAND  —  WINTER 2022    9

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