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CHICAGO.COOPERATORNEWS.COM  COOPERATORNEWS CHICAGOLAND  —  SPRING 2022    15  Write to   CooperatorNews   Chicagoland and we’ll publish   your question, along with a   response from one of our attorney   advisors. Questions may be edited   for taste, length and clarity. Send   your questions to:  Q&A  Your #1 Source for Soundproofing -   Stopping Sounds One Decibel At A Time  Personalized Solutions for Soundproofing Your Home or Business  Soundproofing • Noise Control • Acoustic Panels  Echo/ Reverberation Control • Residential and Commercial  1202 Allanson Rd  Mundelein, IL 60060   (847) 876.0201  CLOGGED OR  SLOW DRAINS  CALL THE DRAIN & SEWER EXPERTS!  CHICAGO  (773) 830-4397   NORTH SHORE  (847) 416-0023   ?  Disclaimer: The answers provided in this Q&A   column are of a general nature and cannot   substitute for professional advice regarding your   specific circumstances. Always seek the advice of   competent legal counsel or other qualified profes-  sionals with any questions you may have regard-  ing technical or legal issues.  about your unresponsive board and man-  agement and the police. If you have the   support, vote in a new board. If at this point   you have not reached a resolution and the   board’s behavior remains consistent, gather   all of your evidence, logs, tapes, noise ex-  pert report and seek to obtain an order en-  joining the board to enforce its own rules   against the noise nuisance and other rules   and for disregarding your interests.”               n  IHDA, which administers the program, has   partnered with organizations across the   state to help homeowners in hard-hit com-  munities apply for and receive their fair   share of support, free of charge.    To qualify for ILHAF, says the outlet,   Illinois homeowners must have experi-  enced a financial hardship caused by the   COVID-19 pandemic, such as lost income   or increased expenses, on or after January   21, 2020. They must also currently own   and occupy their home in Illinois as their   primary residence, be at least 30 days late   on their mortgage or other homeowner   expenses, and have a household income at   or below 150% of the area median income.   Documentation of efforts to resolve the de-  linquency is also required.    To learn more about eligibility, required   documentation, and application assistance,   visit Applica-  tions will be accepted until 11:59 p.m. on   Tuesday, May 31, 2022.   n  PULSE  continued from page 4  Please submit Pulse items to  Darcey Gerstein at

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