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CHICAGO.COOPERATORNEWS.COM  COOPERATORNEWS CHICAGOLAND —  SPRING 2022    3  MyQ Business  Safely indentify guests  Manage facility access  Activity monitoring  Convenient database management  Accessible 24/7  >  >  >  >  CAPXM   Scan for   More Info   Scan for   More Info  High definition display >  >  Integrated video  Weather & scratch proof  MyQ App interface  >  >  >  Intuitive Interface  CAPXM  Smart Video Intercom       REMOTE MANAGEMENT           with MyQ Bussiness  Serving the Chicago     Area Over 30 years  ISS Chicago Sound & Communications inc.  773-528-4070  We  Control Doors  >  TABLE OF CONTENTS  Yale Robbins   Publisher  Henry Robbins   Executive Vice President  Joanna DiPaola   Associate Publisher  Hannah Fons   Managing Editor  Darcey Gerstein   Associate Editor  Pat Gale   Associate Editor  Shirly Korchak   Art Director  Anne Anastasi   Production Manager  Alan J. Sidransky   Staff Writer  Peter Chase   Director of Sales    CooperatorNews Chicagoland is published quarterly by Yale Robbins Infomedia, 205 Lexington Ave., New York, NY 10016, (212) 683-5700. President: Yale Robbins, Executive Vice President: Henry Robbins. Subscriptions are available free by request to  co-op and condo board   members and homeowner associations. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to CooperatorNews Chicagoland, 205 Lexington Ave., New York, NY 10016. ©Yale Robbins Infomedia 2022. All rights reserved. Application to mail Periodicals postage rates is pending at New York NY.   FREE Subscriptions for Board Members, Property Managers and Real Estate Decision Makers. To Subscribe, please visit us at:  O         N   O     .....    First-time buyers in condo associations, co-ops, and other multifamily residential com-  munities are often surprised—and a bit confused—by the way in which their new build-  ing or HOA operates. Whether they are coming from a rental background or a single-  family home experience, condo/co-op living, and its administrative and governance   structure, differs dramatically from both. In a condo, you can’t depend on the super for   everything as you might in a rental, nor can you undertake to do whatever you’d like   without any prior approval, as you would in a single-family home.  S      M            ...... .    It’s that time of year again. Birds are chirping; trees are blooming; property managers   and co-op and condo boards are addressing their task lists for the change of seasons.   Whether it’s a Wrigleyville walk-up or a Streeterville supertall, a dense city development   or a sprawling suburban complex, a building up north still shoveling snow or a southern   community whose pool is open year-round, spring is the time to give every property a   little sprucing up.   C       D      P        ....    There’s a riddle in a popular children’s book that asks, ‘What’s the largest room in the   world?’ After much consideration and many incorrect guesses, one of the characters in   the book has the answer: “Why, the largest room in the world is room for improvement!”  M      H      I         M           C           ....   Running a community association requires boards and managers to work with people   from all walks of life, including those who have unique experiences, wants, needs, and   challenges. That requirement also includes residents living with behavioral or mental   health issues - and thanks to the pandemic and all the chaos and upheaval that came   with it, more people than ever fit that description.  P    .....................   8.586

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