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P. 32   The Pointers Cleaners Caulkers Union was established in 1898 and joined Bricklayers    international in 1938. As “The Best Hands in the Business” we handle accidental weather   related damage, and deterioration to your masonry façade from store fronts to skyscrapers,   historical landmarks to new construction.  All members are medically evaluated and fit tested and go thru 10   to 30 hours of OSHA training. Recognized by the City of Chicago   for Scaffold Training, members are also trained in Fall Protection   and Silicosis Awareness. The apprenticeship requires a minimum   of 3 years training and is registered with the United States Dept    of Labor.  Anyone Interested in Quality Workmanship can contact  Administrative District Council #1   Call (630) 941-2300 for a list of Signitory Contractors   Ad paid for by Tuckpointers Promotional Fund  THE PROFESSIONALS     IN MASONRY RESTORATION  Hector Arellano  (630) 768-1818  See us at Booth 114, 116

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