Q&A: Providing Unit for a Building Employee

Q If we purchase a unit (currently we are renting) for use by our building  engineer, are we no longer subject to paying property tax on that unit? We are  getting conflicting advice.  

 —Tax Exempt in Illinois  

A “If a condominium association purchases a unit for use by its building  maintenance person (often referred to as the building engineer) as his/her  residence pursuant to an employment contract/collective bargaining agreement  obligation to furnish housing,” says Attorney Michael C. Kim of the law firm of Michael C. Kim & Associates based in Chicago, “then the assessed value of that unit could be reduced to $1.00, thereby  effectively eliminating any real estate tax on that unit. The basis for that  tax treatment is that the unit is being used for common residential purposes of  the condominium as described in Section 10(a) of the Illinois Condominium  Property Act.”