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Board Operations Holding Orderly, Efficient Annual Meetings
2024 Spring Expo Holding Orderly, Efficient Annual Meetings

Talk to anyone familiar with common-interest community governance anywhere in the country, and they will tell you the same thing: apathy is rampant among residents of co-ops, condos, and HOAs. Not only is it difficult to get owners and shar…

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Board Operations Boards & Boundaries
2024 Spring Expo Boards & Boundaries

In multifamily residential communities, where neighbors share common space, amenities, and maintenance—if not actual walls—establishing and maintaining boundaries can be a bit tricky.  Physical boundaries are often breached by things like …

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Board Operations rear view of painter man pointing with finger the colors house model on wall, with paint roller and bucket, isolated on white
2024 Spring Aesthetic Rules

In the world of single-family homes, property owners can do pretty much whatever they want when it comes to the look of their place. They can paint their house bright purple, for instance. Or display Christmas or Halloween decorations that …

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Board Operations Human resource manager looking at many different cv resume and choosing perfect person to hire. HR concept on virtual screen.
2024 Spring Assessing Buyer Applications

Groucho Marx once famously said, “I wouldn’t belong to any club that would have me as a member.” Not so for many in the world of co-ops, condos, and HOAs.  Shared communities often (if not usually) have an application process required for p…

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Board Operations Row of almost identical wooden holiday cottages in Denmark
2023 Fall Aesthetic Standards

Part of the appeal of HOA or condo living is living in an orderly, well-kept community where neighbors have agreed to uphold certain standards for their properties, the better to preserve value for all. For many, those standards include the…

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Board Operations Board Packages & Interviews
2023 Fall Board Packages & Interviews

When buying into a co-op, condo, or HOA, you’re not merely buying a home—you’re buying into a community. These communities are governed by policies and procedures that typically include prospective member requisites, as well as the methods …

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Board Operations GET INVOLVED text on sticker with pen on black background
2023 Summer Increasing Board Involvement

There are plenty of reasons why many co-op, condo, and HOA residents would rather cross the street than talk about serving on their board. Maybe it’s the time demand—or maybe they have concerns about liability. Maybe it’s good old-fashioned…

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Board Operations Running Better Meetings
Fall 2022 Running Better Meetings

While the goal of any HOA board meeting is to determine the rules, regulations and property updates that best serve the interests of all the residents of a community, these meetings are often viewed as boring, long winded, and sometimes div…

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Board Operations Resident Engagement After COVID
Fall 2022 Resident Engagement After COVID

After two years of disruption, isolation, and loss, it appears that the pandemic is finally on the wane. And while the ultimate psychosocial and physical impact of the pandemic remains far-reaching and to a great extent unknown, everyone ha…

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