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Seminar 2022 CH Expo Seminar: Reserve Funding Options
2022 CH Expo Seminar: Reserve Funding Options

The funding recommendations of reserve studies can be a daunting amount at times. While everyone seems to dread the need to increase reserve contributions, we’ll look at what options exist for Associations to cover these needs. Specifically…

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Law & Legislation Woman Asking Question At Neighborhood Meeting In Community Center
Fall 2022 Board Meeting Owner Forums

I am often asked by the board members and property managers of my condominium and community association clients to attend open board meetings. I enjoy attending open board meetings because they provide an opportunity to observe how these as…

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Board Operations Running Better Meetings
Fall 2022 Running Better Meetings

While the goal of any HOA board meeting is to determine the rules, regulations and property updates that best serve the interests of all the residents of a community, these meetings are often viewed as boring, long winded, and sometimes div…

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Board Operations Resident Engagement After COVID
Fall 2022 Resident Engagement After COVID

After two years of disruption, isolation, and loss, it appears that the pandemic is finally on the wane. And while the ultimate psychosocial and physical impact of the pandemic remains far-reaching and to a great extent unknown, everyone ha…

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On The Board Art collage with a screaming man. Aggressive pressure or intimidation of an opponent.
Fall 2022 Toxic Board Members

We hear about them all the time. Whole movies are made about them. Those nosey, controlling, downright hostile neighbors who can make your life miserable. Having  one down the hall or next door is bad enough—imagine what happens when they e…

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On The Board The Extent—and Limits—of Board Powers
Fall 2022 The Extent—and Limits—of Board Powers

Buying into a residential community like a co-op, condominium, or HOA can be a bit like selecting the political system you’d like to live under. Governance styles can range from an Athenian democracy where every member of the community is i…

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