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Management Urban vs. Suburban Property Management
2024 Spring Expo Urban vs. Suburban Property Management

CooperatorNews Chicagoland has been reporting on matters related to multifamily living, governance, and operations for the better part of four decades, expanding from the New York City metro area to various east coast, midwest, and western …

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Management A Red folder with Emergency response plan on the desk.
2023 Fall Emergency Preparedness

Emergencies in multifamily communities can take on many forms. High-rises and sprawling developments alike can be impacted by big crises, such as fires or hurricanes, as well as smaller challenges, such as a broken pipe or a fallen tree lim…

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Management Social Programming
2023 Fall Social Programming

Among the many benefits of living in a multifamily building or HOA is a built-in community of residents who can get to know each other if they want to and ultimately enjoy spending time together. Some communities encourage their residents t…

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Management Evaluating Management
2023 Fall Evaluating Management

Striking a healthy balance between the governance and the management of a co-op or condo community can be a challenge. While it’s the board that governs, it’s management that executes…at least that’s how it’s supposed to be in theory. That …

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Management Mediation as conflict compromise and solution management tiny person concept. Disagreement and fight communication settlement with help from third party vector illustration. Business deal conversation
2023 Fall Conflict Management

Living in close quarters can—and often does—lead to conflict. In co-op, condo, and HOA communities, conflict can occur between residents, or between a resident and the board. And to complicate matters, a seemingly isolated conflict between …

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Management Futurizing Multifamily Buildings
2023 Fall Futurizing Multifamily Buildings

In his 1971 book Future Shock, author Alvin Toffler describes a society undergoing enormous structural change as a result of technological advancements—and the social stress and disorientation that came with that change. A half-century late…

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Management Speaker at Business Conference and Presentation. Audience at the conference hall.
2023 Summer Property Manager Education & Training

While nobody will deny the importance of formal education and training, talk to enough professionals across the property management industry, and you’re likely to hear that while school was definitely useful, the experience gained on the jo…

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Management International airport terminal. Asian beautiful woman with luggage and walking in airport
2023 Spring When Residents Are Away

It’s little surprise to many that the residents of luxury apartment buildings spend less time in their apartments than their less well-off neighbors. Second and even third homes are the reality for many wealthy shareholders and unit owners—…

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