Trash Talk Negotiating with Waste Removal Vendors

 Removing a multifamily community's trash and recyclables is an important job,  especially in a private development that is not served by municipal or city-run  sanitation services. And though it is crucial to their daily lives, most people  don’t think much about the garbage after they throw it in the chute or into a  container for pickup. But who removes the trash, how frequently it is collected  and what is recycled are concerns that many Chicagoland co-op or condo  residents should consider. Not doing so is tantamount to forgetting both the  association’s bottom line and its core services.  

 Public or Private

 While choosing a dependable waste hauling company is vital to good co-op/condo  management, hiring an outside contractor should be negotiated in the best  interests of the community. As such, the management team and board members  typically handle negotiations with the service companies that want to do  business with them. But the trick in making the most of these negotiations is  in knowing what questions to ask of a carter, as well as what to expect of  them.  

 Understanding what a community needs from its waste hauling company, as well as  what the hauler can provide for the community, are good places to begin  learning about the waste management process. Only after evaluating the  community’s needs and much more, such as what the association can afford, can a building  community determine which waste disposal solutions are best for them.  

 The main difference between private waste management companies and public  municipal sanitation services is often first defined by local law. Some  municipalities and cities have their garbage handled through municipal  services, and if you have such a service you usually can’t opt out of it. But even in communities that receive the city’s waste removal service, tons of garbage quickly accumulates from resident  move-outs, building renovations, evictions and other trash-generating  instances. Often, these situations are cleaned up by private waste carters.  

 Public waste removal services differ from private carting companies in a few  ways, including frequency of service. Chicago’s garbage trucks work on a set schedule, with changes dependent upon holidays.  Private carters, though, will remove garbage from a community or multifamily  building as frequently as the building’s management would like.  


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  • I agree that hiring a waste removal company is just like hiring a service professional and you'll need to consider their qualifications. I believe that cleanliness must always be maintained most especially in residential areas where the community is always at. I'd make sure to bookmark your blog and share this to our community.