2017 September
Focus on... Energy & the Environment

Energy Conservation Improving Indoor Air Quality
2017 September Improving Indoor Air Quality

In multifamily buildings that hundreds – maybe even thousands – of people call home, it comes as no surprise that unpleasant smells can become an absolute nuisance. The airways that run through the building, the chutes and areas that house …

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Energy Conservation A Look at Cogeneration
2017 September A Look at Cogeneration

Many residential properties obtain their power from a local energy supplier. But in recent years, boards and managing agents have investigated, and in some cases, installed “cogeneration” systems that allow properties to produce a portion o…

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Q&A Q&A: Transparency at Board Meetings
2017 September Q&A: Transparency at Board Meetings

Q. I am a condo board member and often hear my fellow members say at our meetings that "What goes on in here stays in here.” How can that be fair to our unit owners? Shouldn't everything go in the minutes except for names and amounts owed…

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