Spring Maintenance Readying Your Property for Warmer Weather

Spring has arrived, which is good news after what has felt to many like a particularly hostile winter. In a community association or multifamily building, spring also brings a number of seasonal maintenance and sprucing-up projects that can vary, depending on the shape and size of one’s particular property. Some communities’ spring checklist may just consist of removing winter debris from the tree pits and planters out front. Others may have to coordinate cleaning and prepping swimming pools, tennis courts or playgrounds; power-washing the facade; or even repainting the entire exterior if the board is feeling ambitious and the budget can absorb the expense.  

No matter your particular situation, a well-coordinated schedule can help a spring cleanup go like clockwork. The earlier management and board get together to collaborate on a plan, the more efficient this endeavor will be.

Getting Ahead

While the winter may prohibit an association from actually engaging in any major outdoor projects, it is the perfect time to hatch a plot for when the weather is more likely to be cooperative.

“The best thing that a board can do to prepare for the spring is to fight the urge to defer reviewing details or making decisions related to upcoming capital repair needs,” advises Brian Butler, Vice President of Property Management with FirstService Residential in Chicago. “If boards wait until the spring thaw comes to begin making decisions and hiring contractors, they’ll often find that the schedules for the work are tighter and pricing may be higher than had they made those decisions during the fall or winter months.”


The exterior of an association property is both what visitors and passers-by are going to see first, as well as the primary target for the elements throughout the winter, so any thorough spring cleaning endeavor should start with the outside surfaces.


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