There IS a Doctor in the House Amenities Get Medical in the COVID-19 Era

Architectural Digest reports a new trend in amenities for multifamily residential buildings: on-site healthcare facilities or services that allow residents to receive medical testing or treatment at home. In this peri-pandemic era when home confinement is the prescription for avoiding infection and transmission of COVID-19, the appeal of having medical care come to you is undeniable.

As AD indicates, these new amenities go beyond the gyms, yoga studios, spas, and other ”wellness”-focused spaces found in many communities. While semi-private exercise spaces will likely be preferable to fully public ones for quite a long time to come, even those ‘safer’ options still require frequent disinfection, social distancing, and strict scheduling, and therefore may be less likely to provide the serenity—and therefore some of the health benefits—that they did prior to the pandemic.

For the next level of residential wellness offerings, developers are teaming up with providers of telemedicine, COVID testing, and concierge medical services to give their buildings and communities access to medical care from the comfort and isolation of one’s apartment. 

New York

Through a partnership with concierge medical practice Sollis Health, megadeveloper Related Companies is offering on-site COVID-19 PCR and antibody testing for residents at more than a dozen of its New York properties, reports AD. 

Related CEO Jeff Blau said in a statement that testing at home has “helped people feel more comfortable and confident about their health, well-being, and the atmosphere in our buildings.” 


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