Cultivating Community During COVID Using Technology to Keep Boards & Residents Connected

The challenge of creating a sense of community during a pandemic is not something most people expected to face in their lifetime...but here we are. And while face-to-face communication is an essential part of daily life for most of us, we’ve quickly adapted to find ways to have personal interactions even when distanced.

That’s been equally apparent for community boards. Not only do our boards provide a connection that is needed to keep our communities running successfully and happily, but it is also essential for the safety and care of residents, both individually and collectively. 

One of the most important characteristics of a well-run residential community is its ability to distribute information between the board members, property managers, and residents. Making relevant information readily available is critical to keeping residents notified of the latest happenings in and around the community.  

For board members and property managers, communication is a necessity, and in many states a legal obligation. Luckily, there are ways to maintain strong communication and relationships whether we’re in person or not. Here are a few that we’ve identified as being especially helpful: 

Proactive Communication. Communicate regularly with your residents, and keep the lines open and going both ways. An up-to-date website is the first step to getting information out to residents and providing a one-stop resource where they can find information and necessary contacts should they have questions. Board members and management should also be available to address questions and distribute information to all the residents in the community. Next, make a plan for regular, consistent, and ongoing communication - at least monthly. Emails and texts are an easy and effective tool to reach an entire community quickly.


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