2013 April
Focus on... Landscaping & Lawn Care

Landscaping Keeping the Grass Greener
2013 April Keeping the Grass Greener

 Chicagoland is not exactly known for year-round sunshine and palm trees. At  first glance, greenery, lawns and lawn care may seem to be non–issues for many city residents, but like most Americans, Chicagoans have a love  affair with lush …

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Landscaping Invasive Species
2013 April Invasive Species

 A pair of Asian carp made headlines last spring when they were found in the  Garfield Park Lagoon. Although officials from the Department of Natural  Resources think they were long-term residents, possibly remnants of a fisherman’s bait b…

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Landscaping The Irrigation Situation
2013 April The Irrigation Situation

 One of the things that attracts people to a condo or HOA are the beautiful  grounds and lush landscaping that surrounds the property. Because of the  topography of the Chicagoland area, depending on where a home is located, water  could b…

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Landscaping The Grand Design
2013 April The Grand Design

 Whether you live in a towering high-rise or a sprawling suburban development,  landscaping not only helps a condo or HOA increase and retain property values,  but has a positive impact on residents themselves—beautiful, functional green s…

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Q&A: What to Do with a Surplus?
2013 April Q&A: What to Do with a Surplus?

Q My building took on a major project, and residents were assessed a significant  amount, about $20,000. After two years, the project was completed and came in  under budget. The board is now grappling with what to do with the surplus fun…

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Q&A: Home Improvement Allowed?
2013 April Q&A: Home Improvement Allowed?

Q What are the rules on doing outside alterations to my townhome? I would like to  update some paint and trim but do I have to go before the board to get  approval? It won't be anything distracting or flamboyant but I am not sure if I  ca…

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