2014 February
Focus on... Board/Owner Relations

Owner Relations Howdy, Neighbor
2014 February Howdy, Neighbor

The word community, like many words in the English language, has more than one interpretation. A community can be identified as a geographical location--a physical infrastructure of streets, parks and buildings, defined by tangible brick a…

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Owner Relations Board Owner Do’s and Don’ts
2014 February Board Owner Do’s and Don’ts

It only takes a few minutes of a web search to uncover the traits that make a successful person or business owner. For example, Entrepreneur magazine’s Steven Key wrote the article, “5 Qualities of Successful Persons,” which included such …

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Owner Relations Keeping Track of Paperwork
2014 February Keeping Track of Paperwork

While keeping the records of the association is not the most fascinating part of serving on a board, it is in some ways the most important. In fact, the flow of paperwork is the lifeblood of the community. The association’s declarati…

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Buying & Selling Dollars & Sense
2014 February Dollars & Sense

Even before the economic meltdown and the media storm swirling around the thievery of money men like Bernie Madoff, financial mismanagement and fraud were destructive problems for many co-op and condo owners. A co-op or condo is a ma…

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Q&A: These Pets are Too Big
2014 February Q&A: These Pets are Too Big

My condo association has a bylaw that limits the size and number of pets. About a year ago, a person moved in with a large puppy that has grown to be a very large dog. I reported it to the management and they did some investigating—then iss…

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Q&A Q&A: Would We Be Covered
2014 February Q&A: Would We Be Covered

A group of unit owners in my building formed a committee in reaction to some rules the board made. We’re worried we might get into a lawsuit with the board, and we want to know if the association’s insurance would cover us against this kind…

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Q&A: Levying Fines?
2014 February Q&A: Levying Fines?

We send violation notices and the owners just throw it in the trash. We would prefer to threaten fines rather than legal proceedings. Specifically, leasing units without board approval or notice, barbecue grills on patios, and animals in un…

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