2015 July
Focus on... Budget & Finance

Finance Money Talks
2015 July Money Talks

Imagine sitting down with your significant other to pay the monthly bills. You both put your checks into a joint account and know how much there is to take care of expenses, or so you think. Out of his wallet your husband pulls out receipt…

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Finance Smoke Detectors and Sprinkler Systems
2015 July Smoke Detectors and Sprinkler Systems

When a fire erupts in a Chicago building, it's terrifying but it doesn’t have to be deadly. There are a few essentials that can save the lives of the people who are inside that building: namely, a working smoke detector and a sprinkler sys…

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Finance Don’t Raid the Cookie Jar
2015 July Don’t Raid the Cookie Jar

Sometimes the future seems like it’s an awfully long way away. If a roof is going to last 30 years, why should we worry about it today? Same with that shiny new boiler or that flat, crack-free pavement just poured two summers ago. Eventual…

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Q&A Q&A: Board In Hot Water
2015 July Q&A: Board In Hot Water

Q Ours is a vintage condominium building on Chicago’s lakefront. All units in our building receive hot water from several water heaters located in a basement utility room. When the system was installed several years ago, we were told b…

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Schaumburg, Illinois
2015 July Schaumburg, Illinois

Home to Chicagoland's largest mall, Woodfield Mall, and one of only two IKEA stores in the entire state, it comes as little surprise that Schaumburg is the largest center of retail development in Illinois outside the City of Chicago. …

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