2016 July
Focus on... Budget And Finance

Finance Budgeting 101
2016 July Budgeting 101

Preparing the annual budget for a condo or HOA isn't quite like figuring out a budget for a couple, or even a large family. The board of a multifamily building or association has to consider all the angles—past, current, and future—when for…

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Finance Show Me the Money
2016 July Show Me the Money

The first of the month rolls around and it’s time to pay the bills that keep your building operational. Repairs might need to be made, staff salaries paid, maintenance done to keep all the common elements running, and supplies reordered. Th…

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Finance Spotting Financial Irregularities
2016 July Spotting Financial Irregularities

While it's pretty much impossible for a co-op or condo board or employee to commit fraud on the scale of a Bernie Madoff or any one of the herd of shysters who have tromped through the news in recent years, building boards and managers cert…

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Q&A Q&A: Electing a New Board
2016 July Q&A: Electing a New Board

Q. My condo complex has four buildings all told. The way we elect board members is based on the  highest number of votes from the four buildings. The problem is that the number of units in each building are not equal. For example one of t…

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