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Real Estate Trends Vinyl waterproof flooring in two story open great room with tall windows
Winter 2023 Home Staging

What sells a condo? Is it the feel of the space, the light, or the layout? Is it the price alone? Or something else entirely? Maybe a feeling of ‘hominess’ that calls out to the buyer: this is where you belong! Or perhaps it’s all three, or…

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Real Estate Trends Electric Car Charging Stations
Electric Car Charging Stations

Among the many efforts underway to stem the oncoming tide of climate-related catastrophe is the increasing use of electric vehicles (EVs). While gas-powered cars are still the overwhelming majority of vehicles on the roads, EV technology is…

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Real Estate Trends 2019-2020 Roundup and Projection
2019 Winter 2019-2020 Roundup and Projection

In markets throughout the nation, 2019 was a year of uncertainty, reflecting change in the basic mechanisms of how we view, buy, and sell real estate. That uncertainty extended to all markets, from traditional single-family homes to co-ops …

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