2016 October
Focus on... Board Operations

Board Operations Time Management for Managers
2016 October Time Management for Managers

It’s often tough to get co-op, condo, and HOA residents interested in joining their building or association’s board. No one wants to work a second job if they don’t have to—especially one that doesn’t pay—but regardless, there’s important w…

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Board Operations Pet Policies in Boards and Associations
2016 October Pet Policies in Boards and Associations

Although it may sometimes feel as if our pets have the run of the land, humans are still the masters of their own domains. In order to maintain this status quo—especially in a communal environment such as a condominium, cooperative or homeo…

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Board Operations Home-Based Businesses
2016 October Home-Based Businesses

Dana Greco, a therapist specializing in marriage counseling and divorce mediation lived in a comfortable two bedroom co-op on New York’s Upper West Side near Columbia University.  Divorced herself and with grown children, her apartment was …

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Board Operations Living the High Life
2016 October Living the High Life

Amenities come and go.  In some places like New York and Miami though they can make or break a condo’s marketability, but in Chicago at least, it’s still a matter of the three cardinal rules of real estate, “location, location, location,” a…

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Management When Residents Are Disruptive
2016 October When Residents Are Disruptive

Despite living in association, sometimes disputes erupt. Some residents just can’t be reasoned with. They’ll bother the board or other residents in various ways: noise at all hours, smells, maybe even just being a pest. No matter what it is…

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Board Operations A Look at Election  Fraud
2016 October A Look at Election Fraud

Every co-op, condo, and HOA must elect a board of directors to oversee the community’s finances, physical maintenance, and other day-to- day operations. While board elections don't rise quite to the level of a state or even local election i…

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Management The Rigors of Self-Management
2016 October The Rigors of Self-Management

We often urge readers facing all manner of issues in dealing with the day-to-day operation of their condominium, cooperative or homeowner’s association to consult with a trusted, professional property manager. The best and brightest of thes…

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Q&A Q&A: Is an HOA Accountable for Wheelchair Access?
2016 October Q&A: Is an HOA Accountable for Wheelchair Access?

Q. I am a resident who is wheelchair-bound at a condo building built before 1991. I had a temporary plywood ramp made specifically for access to enter and exit the common entrance. The HOA has since informed me the ramp is unacceptable du…

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