2016 September
Focus on... Energy and the Environment

Energy Conservation Getting  the Lead Out
2016 September Getting the Lead Out

While Flint, Michigan may have been the highest profile case of water being contaminated with lead in recent years, lead is an issue that water systems across the country have to navigate and monitor closely. Earlier in the year, there wer…

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Energy Conservation Chicago’s Benchmarking Ordinance
2016 September Chicago’s Benchmarking Ordinance

In the business world, benchmarking is a management tool that is commonly used to analyze where one business stands in comparison to others in the same industry. For example, a doctor’s office might want to benchmark the practice to analyze…

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Energy Conservation The Green Market
2016 September The Green Market

Sustainability is the watchword these days. All over the country, businesses and residences are being encouraged to go green, and condominiums, cooperatives and homeowners’ associations are no exception.  But not all condos/co-ops/HOAs are…

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Maintenance Preparing Your Association for Winter
2016 September Preparing Your Association for Winter

As the summer turns to fall, it can be expected that the falling leaves will die off and herald the arrival of winter. So it’s not surprising that the boards of condominiums, cooperatives and homeowners' associations are always well-prepare…

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Design Horticultural Art in Your Lobby
2016 September Horticultural Art in Your Lobby

A green wall in a residential space is like having both an indoor garden and piece of art all rolled into one--and you don’t even have to travel far to a botanical garden or a museum to experience it.  It’s a currently a very popular trend …

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Q&A Q&A: Collecting the Ballots
2016 September Q&A: Collecting the Ballots

Q. For the annual meeting, there are 7 people running for 5 positions. The management company sent a proxy to all owners and requested that it either be mailed to them or dropped in the mailbox in the building lobby. This mailbox is acces…

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Q&A Q&A: We’re in the Money
2016 September Q&A: We’re in the Money

Q.  Some time ago, my condo building undertook a major renovation project, and residents were assessed a significant amount, about $20,000. After two years, the project was completed and came in under budget. The board is now grappling wit…

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