2018 September
Focus on... Energy & the Environment

Energy Conservation Solar Energy Today
2018 September Solar Energy Today

Energy costs are a major component in any housing environment, and one of the main areas where boards and managers look at to optimize efficiency and save money. One already popular — and growing — alternative to fossil fuels is solar energ…

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Energy Conservation The Recyclists
2018 September The Recyclists

When it comes to how co-op and condo communities navigate the race to address climate change, a goal like switching to 100 percent renewable energy may seem too tall an order. On the other hand, recycling household glass, paper, and plastic…

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Energy Conservation Silencing Leaks
2018 September Silencing Leaks

Plumbing is a minor miracle: clean water, on demand, and at the temperature one chooses in his or her apartment. What would have been the height of luxury just a couple of generations ago is now considered a bare necessity. Miraculous as it…

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Q&A Q&A: Disclosing the Health Information of an Owner
2018 September Q&A: Disclosing the Health Information of an Owner

Q. “Say a shareholder spoke to the president of the board and disclosed his or her health condition. And later on, the president lost re-election to the board and found out that the shareholder did not vote for them. The ousted president …

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