Shooter Targets Gold Coast Condos No Injuries Reported; No Suspect Yet Identified

Shooter Targets Gold Coast Condos

According to reporting by a number of local and national news outlets, including the Chicago Sun Times and the New York Post, a trio of neighboring condominium buildings along Chicago’s Gold Coast have been struck by gunfire in recent weeks. The luxury condo buildings along the tony 1100 block of North Lake Shore Drive had four units hit; bullets whizzed through windows of three separate units in three adjacent buildings in the early hours of February 11, according to the reports. Then on March 4 around 3:15 a.m., another window was shattered by a bullet - and at least one round struck the exterior of a neighboring building as well.

Second Ward Alderman Brian Hopkins said units on the 29th, 27th, 17th, and 12th floors of the buildings were struck in the two incidents, which he believes are related. “It strains plausibility to say there’s no connection,” Hopkins says of the situation, although police noted they have no evidence that this is in fact the case.

No injuries have been reported, but no suspects have yet been identified, and residents are understandably on edge. “It’s an active investigation,” notes Hopkins. “Preliminary analysis suggests [the weapon] is a handgun. Possibly a nine [millimeter],” he adds.

In an alert released after the March shooting, police urge anyone with relevant surveillance video to save a copy for detectives, and advises that “If you are a victim, do not touch anything and contact the police immediately." Anyone with information should call CPD at 312-744-8263.

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