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Design Design on a Dime
2016 November Design on a Dime

Jeff and Cindy were on the hunt for a condo in the Wicker Park section of Chicago. They came upon a duplex three-bedroom unit that was perfect for their growing family.  The building even had a common garden, which Jeff and Cindy loved—but …

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Design Horticultural Art in Your Lobby
2016 September Horticultural Art in Your Lobby

A green wall in a residential space is like having both an indoor garden and piece of art all rolled into one--and you don’t even have to travel far to a botanical garden or a museum to experience it.  It’s a currently a very popular trend …

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Design Wilmette, Illinois
2014 March Wilmette, Illinois

It is the hometown of current mayor Rahm Emanuel, actor Rainn Wilson and actress Virginia Madsen. But with its 14 miles of brick-paved streets, circa1925 street lamps, a plethora of trees, a top notch school system and a sprawling lakefron…

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Design Design for All
2014 March Design for All

Of all the responsibilities that come with being a board member or manager of a residential building, few are as important as ensuring the safety of your residents. Making and clearly communicating emergency plans, marking entrance/egress …

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Design Splish-Splash
2013 October Splish-Splash

Whether indoors or out, few design elements are as dramatic and arresting as a waterfall, water wall, Koi pond, reflecting pool or statuesque fountain. These water features add beauty and value to any Chicagoland property or building, whet…

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Design Making New Things Old
2013 July Making New Things Old

 It’s a sad fact that the artisans and craftspeople who created some of the most  beautiful, distinctive interior and exterior architectural elements for  residential buildings are an endangered species. The proliferation of sleek,  glass-…

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Design Can You Hear Me Now?
2013 June Can You Hear Me Now?

 Walls are often the only separation between you and your neighbors when you live  in a densely populated area like Chicago, and privacy sometimes seems to go out  the window. People hear their next-door neighbors talking, footsteps from  …

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Design New Life for Unused Rooms
2012 December New Life for Unused Rooms

 Media room, game room, common room, party room—regardless of what you call them, the purpose of these shared spaces in co-ops  and condos is to give residents a place to gather; to hold an in-house meeting,  throw a graduation party or sc…

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