2011 June
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Law & Legislation The Paper Trail
2011 June The Paper Trail

 Remember that thick stack of documents you received when you bought your condo  or co-op? If you're like most people, they're probably sitting in a drawer or  in the back of your filing cabinet, communing with the dust bunnies, largely  f…

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Law & Legislation Chicagoland Legislative Update
2011 June Chicagoland Legislative Update

 As housing sales in the Chicagoland area remain stagnant, legislation both  nationally and locally relating to property ownership and management continue  to remain active. The majority of the legislation introduced recently has  sought t…

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Law & Legislation No Time Like the Precedent
2011 June No Time Like the Precedent

 Condo, HOA, and co-op boards are generally made up of volunteers—and they're frequently a pretty diverse group. There’s the stay-at-home mom who’s looking to get involved with something beyond homework and housework. Maybe  there’s also t…

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Energy Conservation Can We Go Green?
2011 June Can We Go Green?

 As gasoline prices rise with increasing summer demand, building administrators'  attention has turned sharply to the cost of energy, and ways to trim fat from  their overall energy budgets.    Yet for the nation’s nearly 60 million…

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Law & Legislation Watch Your Mouth
2011 June Watch Your Mouth

 When you were little, your mother might have told you, “If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”    Momma was no fool. That was sound advice then, and it's even smarter in today’s litigious world, where …

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Neighborhoods Kenosha, Wisconsin
2011 June Kenosha, Wisconsin

 Nestled halfway between Chicago and Milwaukee, Kenosha, Wisconsin is a historic  quaint community and the fourth largest city on the shores of Lake Michigan.  Kenosha is bordered by the lake to the east and is bordered by the Town of  Som…

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Law & Legislation Getting to Know the ISBA
2011 June Getting to Know the ISBA

 The Illinois State Bar Association (ISBA) has been the premier legal association  in the state since being founded in 1877. As a voluntary organization, the ISBA’s primary focus is to help Illinois attorneys practice more effectively and …

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Law & Legislation Paying it Forward
2011 June Paying it Forward

 The ongoing recession has changed the financial picture drastically for many  residents, and their buildings are feeling the effects of late and missing  assessment payments, owners unable to pay special assessments, and even owners  who …

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Law & Legislation Q&A: Smoking and the Bylaws
2011 June Q&A: Smoking and the Bylaws

Q As property manager for a 36-unit condominium, we have received complaints about smoke emanating from a downstairs unit to an upstairs unit and common area hallway. There has been an ongoing feud for several years now between the ups…

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Law & Legislation Q&A: Removal Without Cause
2011 June Q&A: Removal Without Cause

Q Does the individual condo association board members and president have the legal  right to remove a treasurer from duties without due cause and deny a chance for  rebuttal?"    —Procedural Proponent   A “Almost every byla…

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