2012 May
Focus on... Recreational Amenities & Programs

Recreation Building Community Online
2012 May Building Community Online

It’s hard to imagine how quickly technology has evolved during our lifetimes, and much of that change is a result of how much closer we’ve become—virtually, that is. Whether it’s finding cheap plane tickets, or a restaurant for a Saturda…

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Recreation Space, the Final Frontier
2012 May Space, the Final Frontier

This is about the easiest decision—the closest thing to a no-brainer—a board of directors will ever need to consider: what to do with vacant space. Install storage lockers. If you already have storage lockers, install more stor…

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Recreation Attractive Perks
2012 May Attractive Perks

You’ve got the perfect couple looking into buying a condo in your building. And they love everything about the unit. But here’s the catch—they also love everything about another building’s unit. They can’t decide which to buy. …

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Management Dealing with Delinquent Owners
2012 May Dealing with Delinquent Owners

By and large, a board and management company can expect payment from residents for monthly fees to be received on time and in full. These all-important funds keep day-to-day operations moving forward without delay. There are situations,…

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Management Managing In-Unit Amenities
2012 May Managing In-Unit Amenities

 In an online forum, Sharon complains about her upstairs neighbor and begs for  advice. It seems that her neighbor had installed a washing machine in the unit,  even though there was one already downstairs for the residents of her six-unit…

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Neighborhoods Wrigleyville
2012 May Wrigleyville

 Formerly a working class neighborhood heavily populated by factory workers and  their families, Wrigleyville is the nickname of the neighborhood surrounding  the Chicago Cubs iconic baseball stadium Wrigley Field, but the area is more  co…

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Q&A: Improper Procedure for Board Elections?
2012 May Q&A: Improper Procedure for Board Elections?

Q Our annual meeting was conducted this past week during which three of the  present board members were up for reelection—the president, treasurer (her fiancée) and a board member. All three were re-elected and a fourth elected since  the…

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Q&A: Accessing the Financials
2012 May Q&A: Accessing the Financials

Q What obligation do individual board members have to review monthly financial  reports as prepared by the management company? Only our board treasurer  receives the statements and my requests to include copies of monthly balance  sheets,…

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Recreation Equal Access
2012 May Equal Access

For some Chicagoans, planning daily errands and activities can be as tricky as mountaineering. These folks live with disabilities, are elderly, or for whatever reason have had their mobility compromised—even temporarily. For them, getti…

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