2013 February
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Owner Relations Neighbor to Neighbor
2013 February Neighbor to Neighbor

 Can’t we all just get along? It's a million-dollar question. When someone moves into  a community, they often look for the friendliness and camaraderie that living  in an association brings. But with many personalities often butting heads…

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Owner Relations Taming Transient Turnmoil
2013 February Taming Transient Turnmoil

As housing markets in many parts of the country—including Chicago—have foundered, many developers have opted to convert portions of communities originally intended to be condominiums into rental properties. When a development with no ow…

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Owner Relations Building a Better Board
2013 February Building a Better Board

 Working in groups can be a challenge. Working in groups when people’s homes—and possibly their life savings—are involved can be a far greater challenge. It’s one faced every day by those brave souls who volunteer to serve on their co-op  …

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Maintenance When Winter Wanes
2013 February When Winter Wanes

 April showers may bring May flowers, but the snow and ice storms of December and  January are certain to bring a busy work schedule to Chicagoland condominium  properties.    Whether the region experiences a typical winter—with its…

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Q&A: Shh...It's Confidential?
2013 February Q&A: Shh...It's Confidential?

Q I reside in a medium-sized condominium complex in suburban Chicago. Our homeowners association voted to have their board members sign an acknowledgment of their duty of confidentiality, and any board member who refused to sign the af…

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Q&A: Access to Bikes?
2013 February Q&A: Access to Bikes?

Q In our parking garage we have access to a bike storage room and an outside bike  rack that is next to a resident's handicapped parking spot. Right now the only  way to get to the bikes is to "trespass" over the parking spot. Our concern…

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Q&A: Ants on a Picnic
2013 February Q&A: Ants on a Picnic

Q We have an ant problem in our building. One of my neighbors had ants in early  spring after which another resident got them and now I have them. Is the  association or the individual owner responsible to pay for the exterminator?   …

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