2014 April
Focus on... Landscaping & Lawn Care

Landscaping The Urban Jungle
2014 April The Urban Jungle

In a city known for its expanses of steel and concrete, it can be easy to forget the importance that greenery plays in the life of Chicago residents. For many co-op and condo residents, the flowers, shrubs, grasses and trees that surround …

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Landscaping Green is the New Black
2014 April Green is the New Black

Patches of green, living things are pretty rare in the city—aside from tiny front yards and the occasional back garden, many Chicagoans don’t get a lot of leafy goodness in their lives. Some co-op and condo buildings—and some whole neighbo…

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Landscaping No Stone Unturned
2014 April No Stone Unturned

When most people think of landscaping, they think of shrubs, trees, meticulously laid-out and maintained flowerbeds, and artful plantings scattered around a building or development. While that's definitely accurate, landscaping doesn…

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Landscaping Not in My Yard
2014 April Not in My Yard

Condos and HOA communities can be a great setting in which to own a home and enjoy privacy and the comforts of your own personal space. That said, there is often a certain amount of tension between residents' desire to for autonomy and the…

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Maintenance The Grass is Greener
2014 April The Grass is Greener

Chicago is a city known for its harsh weather, but this winter was extremely trying, complete with a 'polar vortex' and more snow and ice than usual. But there is always the promise of springtime and all it entails—blossoming trees, the re…

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Board Operations A Board Too Far
2014 April A Board Too Far

Having a disinterested, apathetic board is a problem in some buildings, though a board that oversteps the boundaries of its power or invades the privacy of residents, also can cause hassles. By educating and informing themselves of the ext…

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Q&A: Peeping Tom
2014 April Q&A: Peeping Tom

Q Strangers, whom no residents know, were found lurking the hallways of our building. Now a neighbor across the hall from me would like to install a security camera inside their door, facing the hall. The camera does not capture my door, …

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Q&A: Rental Rules Not Enforced
2014 April Q&A: Rental Rules Not Enforced

My condo board rarely enforces rules, especially with respect to certain unit owners. Some are now renting, and I would like my family to be able to do so also. It is really bizarre because the board members, who are adamant about no renter…

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