2015 October
Focus on... Board Operations

Board Operations You Want To See What?
2015 October You Want To See What?

It’s a fact of life: with big purchases come big reams of paperwork. For co-op shareholders and condominium unit owners, that can mean hundreds of pages of documents outlining everything from the financial status of their residential commun…

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Board Operations Going by the Book
2015 October Going by the Book

It happens in business, government, and industry every day: employees learn the rules of a new job, and very shortly thereafter, they start taking shortcuts to circumvent them. Rarely is this done with malicious intent. More often, it is si…

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Board Operations Noise Rules
2015 October Noise Rules

When you live in a multifamily building, however, peace and quiet can be hard to come by. From the guy upstairs who gargles loudly at precisely 6:47 a.m. every morning to the neighbor with the yapping Chihuahua—at some point the soundtrack …

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Board Operations Getting Your Foot in the Door
2015 October Getting Your Foot in the Door

In the Chicagoland area, the process of purchasing a condo can make for quite the odyssey. Oh yes…matching budget requirements, securing mortgages, and inspecting reams of paperwork all amount to a rather stressful and tedious adventure. Fo…

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Management Supervising Your Co-op or Condo’s Maintenance
2015 October Supervising Your Co-op or Condo’s Maintenance

Residents of a condominium, cooperative or homeowner's association that literally takes care of itself, from the grounds to the pool to the electrical systems, really have it made in the shade.  But those building communities really do not…

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Finance Planning for the Future
2015 October Planning for the Future

The experience of co-op and condo board members can often feel like a juggling act. There are varied interests in the community that want different things. There's legal counsel, financial advisers, and managers who try to offer the best pr…

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Q&A Q&A: Responding to Non-Responsive  Management?
2015 October Q&A: Responding to Non-Responsive Management?

Q  I live in a very small building community in suburban Chicago and our condo board has turned over our building to a manager who is running the condo as he sees fit without any input from the board or from residents. He seems to be runni…

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Q&A Q&A: Stop the Noise
2015 October Q&A: Stop the Noise

Q  This seems to be a perennial problem for anyone living in a multifamily community. Our upstairs neighbors always have loud noises coming from their unit—sometimes it emanates from the television or it could be coming from music and vide…

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Q&A Q&A: Defining Maintenance Responsibilities
2015 October Q&A: Defining Maintenance Responsibilities

Q  My question relates to the maintenance responsibilities of a unit owner versus the board’s responsibilities. Recently I had an animal crawl into my air conditioner and die. Gross as that sounds, I know, it now smells, and there are magg…

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