Category: Energy Conservation

Energy Conservation Help with Going Green
2012 September Help with Going Green

With the green movement in full swing across the country, it is not surprising that incorporating energy saving and improved efficiency measures has trickled into condominium development. Today, many buildings in the Chicagoland area p…

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Energy Conservation Saving Energy, Saving Money
2011 September Saving Energy, Saving Money

 The key to achieving savings in your home is a whole-house energy efficiency  plan. To take a whole-house approach, view your home as an energy system with  interdependent parts. For example, your heating system is not just a furnace—it's…

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Energy Conservation Healthy Buildings, Healthy Residents
2011 September Healthy Buildings, Healthy Residents

 While most people might catch the flu in the winter or suffer from allergies in  the spring, a building’s immune system is continually being tested. An environment that appears “healthy” on the surface could be plagued by invisible, odorl…

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Energy Conservation Eco-Friendly Pest Control
2011 September Eco-Friendly Pest Control

Jena Ball couldn't sleep—the noise was deafening and keeping her awake night after night. The racket wasn't coming from the next door neighbors, but instead was emanating from inside her condo wall. "It was bizarre," says Ball. …

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Energy Conservation Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
2011 September Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

As awareness of the environmental impact of consumerism has been increasingly accepted, recycling has grown in popularity throughout the country. Municipalities have approached the issue in varying ways with policies affecting homeowne…

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Energy Conservation Can We Go Green?
2011 June Can We Go Green?

 As gasoline prices rise with increasing summer demand, building administrators'  attention has turned sharply to the cost of energy, and ways to trim fat from  their overall energy budgets.    Yet for the nation’s nearly 60 million…

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