Category: Energy Conservation

Energy Conservation Don’t Trash This
2015 September Don’t Trash This

In days gone by, when you opened something up, you simply threw away the packaging. You ate your dinner and threw away the scraps, and you tossed your ratty old sweatshirt, t-shirt or jeans in the dumpster when they had more holes in them …

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Energy Conservation The Green Movement
2015 September The Green Movement

Americans today are moving toward a more well-developed awareness of the environment, and what it takes to protect and preserve Earth’s natural resources. City dwellers and suburbanites alike typically recycle paper, plastic, and glass, an…

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Energy Conservation Submetering for Savings
2014 September Submetering for Savings

Funny thing about human nature—it’s not impulsively "natural" at all. Despite knowing that 1.1 billion people lack clean drinking water and thousands of children die from the diseases in that dirty water, people living in better circumstan…

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Energy Conservation Benchmarking 101
2014 September Benchmarking 101

Energy is money. And in big condo buildings, energy is big money—we’re talking thousands upon thousands of dollars in waste or savings. Most folks know that turning off lights in unoccupied rooms, taking shorter showers, and turning down t…

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Energy Conservation Top 10 Energy Tips
2014 September Top 10 Energy Tips

There’s probably not a condo, HOA or co-op board that doesn’t worry about money at some point or another, which is why staying on top of the latest money-saving opportunities is vital for any building or community to be successful. One of …

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Energy Conservation Investing in Green
2013 September Investing in Green

With today’s condo and HOA residents much more conscious of their impact on the environment and looking for ways to reduce it, smart boards and property managers are looking to help. Simple tasks like turning down thermostats, shutting off…

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Energy Conservation Garbage to Gold
2013 September Garbage to Gold

The Windy City talks a lot of trash, works with a lot of trash and deals with trash on every level on a daily basis. Any modern municipality, regardless of size, produces a lot of trash—and a huge metropolitan area like Chicago takes that …

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Energy Conservation Chicago Takes the LEED
2013 September Chicago Takes the LEED

There are two ways—and only two ways—to balance a budget: increase revenue or decrease spending. Whether you’re the treasurer of a co-op board or the President of the United States, those are the only two levers at your disposal. Ene…

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Energy Conservation Ten Hot (and Cool) Tips
2012 September Ten Hot (and Cool) Tips

 Energy efficiency has become a “buzz word” over the past couple years throughout Chicagoland and more and more gadgets and  devices have come on the market that are specifically designed to use less  energy. Saving energy does a lot more …

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Energy Conservation Garbage In, Garbage Out
2012 September Garbage In, Garbage Out

 We as a culture produce a lot of trash—and not just in the form of reality television shows, late night infomercials  and bad romance novels. Whether it’s the candy wrappers we toss into the trash bins outside on the sidewalk, the  newspa…

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