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Law & Legislation Sanctions concept with map of Russia, 3D rendering isolated on white background
Russian Sanctions, US Real Estate

The continuing war in Ukraine and the accompanying sanctions imposed by the US, EU, and their allies reach into our own backyard. Many Russian oligarchs own luxury apartments and other real estate in New York, Chicago, and elsewhere in the …

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Law & Legislation The Airbnb Battle Rages On
The Airbnb Battle Rages On

In most condo and co-op communities, the hope (if not the expectation) is that your neighbors are vested owners or shareholders whose units are their primary residence. To that end, the majority of co-ops forbid the renting out of units out…

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Law & Legislation Receiverships and Conservatorships 101
2021 September Receiverships and Conservatorships 101

When a property or individual finds itself or himself in a situation that threatens the continued economic viability of the asset or estate our laws provide a supervised level of assistance from qualified third parties.  In the case of real…

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Law & Legislation Transparency & Condo Governance
Transparency & Condo Governance

Is a condominium - or any type of common interest community - actually a democracy?  Do shareholders have unfettered access to the documents and information boards use to make decisions?  Can they demand to see those documents?  The answer …

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Law & Legislation Bulk Sales in Chicago
Bulk Sales in Chicago

In our recent article, 'Bulk Sales in Chicago’s Condo Market,' ( ), CooperatorNews Chicagoland examined the unique circumstances governing bulk sales in Illino…

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Law & Legislation Common Legal Mistakes Boards Make
Common Legal Mistakes Boards Make

Boards are usually composed of volunteers who work regular jobs when they're not helping to govern their building or association. It's not often that those jobs are as attorneys or other legal professionals, so it's probably not surprising …

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