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Q&A Q&A: Cold and Unfiltered
Fall 2021 Q&A: Cold and Unfiltered

Q. We live in a 200-unit condo. The building changes the filters in the convectors twice a year, but decided not to change them due to COVID. It’s now been over a year since they were changed, and if we turn on the heat, dust and mold pou…

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Q&A Q&A: Real Estate Agent...and Board Member?
Fall 2021 Q&A: Real Estate Agent...and Board Member?

Q. Can a newly-appointed vice president to the board, who is also a broker, sell units in his/her condominium building? I would think that this would be a conflict of interest since the board member has access to all personal information …

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Q&A Art collage with a screaming man. Aggressive pressure or intimidation of an opponent.
Fall 2021 Q&A: Board Members Behaving Madly

Q. What can be done when the president of the condo board verbally harasses the building’s superintendent?                                —Appalled Tenant A. “In my experience,” says attorney Mark Rosenbaum of Chicago-based firm Fisch…

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Q&A Q&A: Balcony Alteration
Summer 2021 Q&A: Balcony Alteration

Q. A homeowner in a condo asks the board to allow the alteration of the balcony enclosure to a taller height. The board and management company agree and the alteration takes place. Twenty-five years later, a new manager says that was impr…

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Q&A Q&A: Condo Fashion Police
Summer 2021 Q&A: Condo Fashion Police

Q. My neighbor, who is a global VP of a large company, is not home a lot. This summer, it was quite hot, and being an athletic person he went out for a long run. There are only two entrances to our condo building: the front door and walki…

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Q&A Q&A: Voting vs. Privacy
Summer 2021 Q&A: Voting vs. Privacy

Q. I live in Illinois. We are having our annual meeting to elect board members. Ballots were sent to each unit to vote. Our management company wants our voted ballots to be signed and returned by mail before our annual meeting. I feel my …

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Q&A Q&A: Double Dipping?
Spring 2021 Q&A: Double Dipping?

Q. Is it illegal for a president of a condo association to work for the property management company under contract to the association and for that person to sign a new contract? Or is it just unethical and in poor taste creating a divided…

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Q&A Q&A: Ballot Access
Spring 2021 Q&A: Ballot Access

Q. My question is: who has access to the actual vote count and to review actual ballots of an Illinois condominium board election? Do board members have such access? Do individual unit owners have such access? —Seeking Clarification on E…

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Q&A Q&A: Hoarding Problem
Winter 2020 Q&A: Hoarding Problem

Q. Please help me. I live in a condo. My next door neighbor is a hoarder. She constantly leaves the front door open. I complained to the buildings department many times. The smell is awful; she has mice, roaches, and water bugs. What can …

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Q&A Q&A: Repurposing Common Space Without Owner Approval
Winter 2020 Q&A: Repurposing Common Space Without Owner Approval

Q. My condo board, against the rules that require a vote to change the use of common property, is now using our paddle board court to store large equipment like pressure washers, etc. I asked about it at the annual meeting and they told m…

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