Category: Real Estate Trends

Real Estate Trends New Construction & Development
2015 April New Construction & Development

Unlike New York City and some other areas of the country, Chicago's residential real estate market has been slower in recovering from the recession. Nevertheless, signs of a full recovery are on the horizon. While the number of new c…

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Real Estate Trends Holiday Tipping Etiquette
2014 November Holiday Tipping Etiquette

As the holiday season approaches in the Windy City, many Chicagoans may be preoccupied with choosing gifts for picky family members, finding a parking spot downtown, or snagging that coveted new smartphone. Those who live in multifamily bu…

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Real Estate Trends ‘Tis the Season…or Is It?
2014 October ‘Tis the Season…or Is It?

Most everyone has fond memories of celebrating holidays at home, school, church or synagogue, and maybe even in a town square or community center. Holidays offer a break from routine, usually different foods and treats—maybe even gifts! Th…

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Real Estate Trends Solar Flair
2014 July Solar Flair

As fuel prices continue to climb, consumers—including real estate developers and building administrators—are looking for alternative ways to power their buildings while saving money. Solar power is one possible option for such consumers, b…

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Real Estate Trends 2014 Market Review and Forecast
2014 March 2014 Market Review and Forecast

Chicagoans are a tough crowd. After all, it takes a hardened crew to be able to weather a Chicago winter that rivals its nickname as the Windy City. But while many neighborhoods are starting to bounce back after the recession, some a…

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Real Estate Trends Not the Norm
2013 October Not the Norm

Time was that a nice, spacious condo unit with a good location, a good view and several basic amenities such a laundry room, a doorman and maybe a fitness room were what Chicagoland buyers wanted. But as more buildings are constructed or r…

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Real Estate Trends Living Social
2013 July Living Social

 When you were a child, you probably tuned into the PBS show Mister Rogers  Neighborhood, where a homespun sweater-clad Fred Rogers often sang “Won’t you be my neighbor?”    Mr. Rogers might be singing a different tune today if he w…

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Real Estate Trends Listen Up!
2013 June Listen Up!

 While some condos and HOAs are lucky enough to have lawyers serve as members of  their board, the majority of boards don’t have an in-house legal expert. They often reach out to their attorney to  answer questions, vet documents, send the…

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Real Estate Trends Condo This!
2013 May Condo This!

 For seven years, Mira Calton and her husband, Dr. Jayson Calton, owned a  floating home, one of the 165 privately-owned residences on The World, a  644-foot yacht that continuously circumnavigates the globe. Owning a home on  the yacht, w…

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Real Estate Trends Exterior Elements
2013 March Exterior Elements

 When you think landscaping, you probably don’t think of a swanky Chicago co-op or condo high-rise building. After all,  landscaping is typically reserved for suburban homes where there is rolling  turf, strategically placed trees, sprawli…

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