2011 January
Focus on... Board Operations

Board Operations Presiding Over Your Condo
2011 January Presiding Over Your Condo

Say the term “board president,” and most people envision a highly-paid position with great—if not absolute—authority and influence over a large company or foundation. While that may be the case in some arenas, the role of the bo…

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Board Operations New Kids on the Block
2011 January New Kids on the Block

So the votes are counted, and the new board members are officially chosen. Now what? Many people join their co-op or condo board because they hope to jump right in and make major changes to their building or association. Lower…

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Board Operations Laying the Law Down
2011 January Laying the Law Down

Every co-op, condominium, and homeowners association has rules and regulations that residents and their guests must abide by. For the most part, they’re usually pretty straightforward and have minimal impact: no 200-pound dogs, no smoki…

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Board Operations Making It Work
2011 January Making It Work

Though the benefits of condominium and cooperative living are numerous, it’s human nature that where there are people, there will be conflict. Running to a lawyer every time a problem arises is hardly sensible. The legal process is slow…

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Board Operations Edgewater
2011 January Edgewater

Occupying the lakefront some seven miles from the Loop on Chicago's North Side, Edgewater is one of the city's oldest and most enduring neighborhoods. Bounded by Foster Avenue on the south side, Ravenswood Avenue on the west, Devon Aven…

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Q&A: Blocking Our Skylight
2011 January Q&A: Blocking Our Skylight

Q We are shareholders in our co-op. We bought our apartment because of its skylight. It's leaking though and the board refuses to repair the skylight. The board has ruled that if we insist on a repair, the co-op will cover the skyli…

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Q&A: Collecting Proxies
2011 January Q&A: Collecting Proxies

Q Are board members allowed to go door-to-door collecting proxies to vote themselves on the board? —Officious Officeholders A “Under applicable law,” says attorney Andrew F. Lampert of the Chicago-based firm …

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Q&A: Finding Members To Serve On Boards
2011 January Q&A: Finding Members To Serve On Boards

Q “We are a 38-unit condo complex. We have had trouble finding owners to serve as board. Can we require owners to serve at least one term on the condo board during the time that they are owners of a unit? Can we permit them to pay a …

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Q&A: Dealing with Second-hand Smoke
2011 January Q&A: Dealing with Second-hand Smoke

Q The tenant below me smokes nonstop. Her windows are always fully open and the smoke travels directly into my apartment above. My apartment smells like an ashtray and of course leaves us vulnerable to second-hand smoke. Even with ou…

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