2013 December
Focus on... Safety & Security

Security Hidden Dangers
2013 December Hidden Dangers

In Chicago,buying a co-op or a condo goes something like this: Your realtor takes you to see your dream home. You put in an offer—along with a bunch of other people. After a ferocious bidding war, your offer is finally accepted. You submit…

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Security Window Safety and Repair
2013 December Window Safety and Repair

Those who’ve lived through a Chicago winter know they don’t call this the Windy City for nothing. Winters here can be brutal, and most building's exterior structures, or 'envelope' are the first area to suffer wear-and-tear. Allowing leaka…

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Security State of Surveillance
2013 December State of Surveillance

There are many different factors that prospective condominium owners take into account when looking to buy a unit. Aesthetics, price, and location are important, for sure. But perhaps the most critical factors of all are the safety of the …

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Management Artful Dodger
2013 December Artful Dodger

The signs “Post No Bills,” “Active Driveway” and “Alternate Side Parking” are all fairly common and relatively self-explanatory in urban settings. Other equally common signs we see in suburban communities throughout the U.S. related to pet…

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Q&A: Fixing a Common Area Smoke Problem
2013 December Q&A: Fixing a Common Area Smoke Problem

Q What recourse is there when it involves a condo resident whose heavy smoking has so polluted the building lobby outside his front door that there is a 24/7 stench that greets anyone who arrives from outside? In this case, his door is im…

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