2015 April
Focus on... Landscape & Lawn Care

Management Homesharing in HOAs
2015 April Homesharing in HOAs

On any given day or night in Chicago, a stranger walks up to Craig Perry’s North Lawndale home, opens Perry’s door, hangs up his or her jacket, and relaxes in Perry’s bed while watching Perry's television and using his WiFi, before disappe…

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Landscaping Landscape Committees
2015 April Landscape Committees

No matter the size of community, one of the goals any condo or HOA has for their landscaping plan is to increase owner enjoyment of the property and enhance their investment purchase. Larger complexes often have a landscaper in house…

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Landscaping Smart Planning and Care of Trees
2015 April Smart Planning and Care of Trees

They are the greenery that gives life to our cities, the leafy giants that give us shade and that unforgettable rustling sound just outside our windows late at night. Trees are the unsung heroes of the urban landscape and with proper plann…

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Landscaping You Can't Plant That Here!
2015 April You Can't Plant That Here!

As cosmopolitan and a bustling city Chicago is, it will always be partly known for its harsh winters. Chicagoans suffer through a good five-to-six months of winter, and they should be rewarded in every possible for getting through it. Whil…

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Real Estate Trends New Construction & Development
2015 April New Construction & Development

Unlike New York City and some other areas of the country, Chicago's residential real estate market has been slower in recovering from the recession. Nevertheless, signs of a full recovery are on the horizon. While the number of new c…

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Maintenance Seasonal Landscape Maintenance
2015 April Seasonal Landscape Maintenance

People aren’t the only life on your association's property; there are plants, trees, and other living landscaping elements as well. More than just decoration, these features provide the community a vitality and serene pleasure only nature …

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Q&A Q&A: Can Non-Homeowners Serve?
2015 April Q&A: Can Non-Homeowners Serve?

Q I am the vice president of a small condo community and we are trying to find out if non-homeowners can serve on our board. Several of the homeowners would like renters to have a proxy vote. However, being a proxy and voting for an absen…

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Q&A Q&A: Renting Out our Extra Parking
2015 April Q&A: Renting Out our Extra Parking

Our condo association has a surplus of parking spaces. We used to rent the excess spots to people who do not reside in the building, but our management company advised us to discontinue this practice because it created a problem. They said …

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