2017 March
Focus on... Exterior Maintenance

Exterior Exterior Inspections
2017 March Exterior Inspections

Constructed as they are out of materials like brick, concrete, or even stone, the exterior walls of an apartment building or row of townhomes might seem nearly indestructible. But despite their hardiness, walls are not immune to assaults fr…

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Maintenance Identifying Leaks
2017 March Identifying Leaks

Despite rain being essential to life on Earth, the consensus is that it’s mostly a bummer. And the only thing worse than rain outdoors is rain that gets indoors. In a multifamily condo or co-op property especially, where one leak can affect…

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Maintenance Care and Maintenance of Skylights
2017 March Care and Maintenance of Skylights

No matter what time of year, the addition of natural light into a living space can do more to boost the spirits of its occupants than just about anything else. For a dark kitchen, a gloomy study or a bedroom that lacks that special somethin…

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Q&A Q&A: When a Management Company Takes Over
2017 March Q&A: When a Management Company Takes Over

Q. I am a unit owner in a condominium association containing 189 units. We manage ourselves and wouldn’t ever want to have a management company manage our property. However, the question has often  been asked as to what happens when a man…

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Q&A Q&A: Dealing With a Verbally Abusive Neighbor
2017 March Q&A: Dealing With a Verbally Abusive Neighbor

Q. A unit owner is using really foul language at some other owners continually. He goes as far as telling them they should die and fall down the stairs. The association has been notified many times and says they can’t do anything. The rul…

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