2015 May
Focus on... Recreational Amenities & Programs/Expo

Recreation The Community Hub
2015 May The Community Hub

Condos, co-ops and HOAs draw prospective residents with a wide variety of appealing features, from proximity to an office or family member to amazing views, to the concept of having someone else mow the lawn, fix the roof, and maintain the…

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Recreation Seasonal Amenities Maintenance
2015 May Seasonal Amenities Maintenance

Chicagoland is known for its cold and windy winter weather, which often lasts from late October all the way through March and makes “The Windy City” a well-earned moniker. Between the cold prairie winds, and gales from Lake Michigan …

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Recreation Unique Amenities
2015 May Unique Amenities

These days, buying a new condominium might mean access not only to your dream home but also to the kind of high-end amenities that can transform a beautiful home into a spectacular one. At least that is the goal of developers and boards se…

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Recreation Age Appropriateness
2015 May Age Appropriateness

When it comes to offering social programs and amenities, respective requests, needs, and preferences can run the gamut. For board members and managers, having programs in place that cater to collective populations—toddlers to octogenarians…

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Maintenance Eliminating Costly Amenities
2015 May Eliminating Costly Amenities

When buyers purchase condo units, they purchase access to the condo's shared amenities, as well. Depending on the scale and financial demographics of the building, those amenities could be substantial. For instance, during the real e…

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Real Estate Trends Rooftop Spaces
2015 May Rooftop Spaces

Winter in Chicago can be brutal—piles of slushy gray snow to wade through and frigid winds that keep you inside. So you curl up with a good book, sip a cup of tea, and watch the flurries through the window. As the flakes fall, you might fi…

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Board Operations Design Committees
2015 May Design Committees

When you lived alone, designing your space was easy. You went to the paint store, selected your favorite colors, came home and did the deed. But then you got married, and decorating got a little trickier. Every design decision had to get a…

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Board Operations Architects and Engineers
2015 May Architects and Engineers

Change is a part of life; and that’s especially true if you’re talking about living in an urban condo community, where no building ever stays the same for too long. Renovations are done, capital improvements are required and even upgrades …

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Community Building Rosemont, Illinois
2015 May Rosemont, Illinois

“It’s All Here!” exclaims Rosemont’s catchy slogan, with the Chamber of Commerce clearly paying tribute to the area’s mega quantity of tourist attractions, entertainment venues, cultural hot spots, corporate headquarters, sporting event fa…

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Q&A Q&A: Assessing for Roof Replacement
2015 May Q&A: Assessing for Roof Replacement

Q At present, I am a member of a small association consisting of 12 units, with $30K in reserve. We have been told that we need to procure two new roofs for our building, to the tune of $20K each. While our reserves can clearly cover one …

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Q&A Q&A: One Space or Two?
2015 May Q&A: One Space or Two?

Six years ago, I bought a two-bedroom condo advertised as having two parking spaces. They are piggy-back spaces, as the first car cannot get out until the second car is moved. These parking spaces are not part of the deed; they are assigned…

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