2016 January
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Real Estate Trends The Chicagoland Cooperator Expo
2016 January The Chicagoland Cooperator Expo

The Chicagoland Cooperator’s Condo,HOA & Co-op Expo brought more than 2,000 people to the  Navy Pier November 18th to meet with nearly 300 exhibitors, attend informative seminars and have their questions answered by professionals. Attend…

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Management What Size Management Company ?
2016 January What Size Management Company ?

We live in a world of add-ons. Ever since the term supersize was coined by the fast food industry back in 1994, the idea and its implications have spread to many aspects of the American lifestyle. We've become accustomed to ‘value added ele…

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Management Evaluating Your Property Manager
2016 January Evaluating Your Property Manager

Whether you're an executive of a multinational corporation or a cashier at the local supermarket, you probably receive a performance evaluation that assesses how well you're doing your job. Many property management companies may also do reg…

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Management Improving Meeting Effectiveness
2016 January Improving Meeting Effectiveness

Maybe your child got in trouble at school, the dog had an accident on the carpet or a disgruntled call was received from a difficult client; whatever the reason, there are times when the last thing a condo board member or resident wants to …

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Management The Importance of Good Communication
2016 January The Importance of Good Communication

No one likes to feel left out or ignored. That is how co-op, condo or HOA residents may feel if they believe their board or managers are not responding to their requests or sharing enough information. What they may not realize however, is t…

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Real Estate Trends Looking Into 2016
2016 January Looking Into 2016

Take a quick snapshot of Chicago and you’ll capture an engaging blend of shiny new skyscrapers interspersed with lovingly-preserved 20th century architectural gems. Downtown continues to attract the corporate headquarters of large companies…

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Q&A Q&A: Accessing Common Elements in the Garage
2016 January Q&A: Accessing Common Elements in the Garage

Q. In our parking garage we have access to a bike storage room and an outside bike rack that is next to a resident's handicapped parking spot. Right now the only way to get to the bikes is to "trespass" over the parking spot. Our concern …

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Q&A Q&A: Too Many Pets
2016 January Q&A: Too Many Pets

Q. While ours is a pet-friendly community we do have rules and regulations that limit the number of pets that residents can keep. Our rules and regs state that owners may not have more than 2 pets, one of which may be a dog. One of the un…

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Q&A Q&A: Falling Behind on Payments
2016 January Q&A: Falling Behind on Payments

Q. Due to unforeseen circumstances, I am about three months behind in my association payments. I’m worried in today’s economic climate that the condominium will foreclose on my unit. My mortgage payments are up to date, and I called my le…

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