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Board Operations Going by the Book
2015 October Going by the Book

It happens in business, government, and industry every day: employees learn the rules of a new job, and very shortly thereafter, they start taking shortcuts to circumvent them. Rarely is this done with malicious intent. More often, it is si…

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Board Operations You Want To See What?
2015 October You Want To See What?

It’s a fact of life: with big purchases come big reams of paperwork. For co-op shareholders and condominium unit owners, that can mean hundreds of pages of documents outlining everything from the financial status of their residential commun…

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Board Operations Architects and Engineers
2015 May Architects and Engineers

Change is a part of life; and that’s especially true if you’re talking about living in an urban condo community, where no building ever stays the same for too long. Renovations are done, capital improvements are required and even upgrades …

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Board Operations Design Committees
2015 May Design Committees

When you lived alone, designing your space was easy. You went to the paint store, selected your favorite colors, came home and did the deed. But then you got married, and decorating got a little trickier. Every design decision had to get a…

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Board Operations How to Be a Great Board Member
2015 February How to Be a Great Board Member

The best association boards in the Windy City—those that accomplish the business of their communities effectively—often seem to have members with similar habits. By the same token, poor boards frequently make similar mistakes. But even goo…

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Board Operations Vendor Relations
2015 February Vendor Relations

Dealing with service vendors is a daily necessity for any condo development or HOA community; there are always things that need to be repaired, replaced, replenished, serviced, cleaned or renovated. Among the laundry list of vendors that C…

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Board Operations Building Social Media at Your Community
2015 February Building Social Media at Your Community

Social media impacts just about everyone…few escape its presence in personal life or the business world. Whereas Facebook was once a leading platform for millennials, the portal has increasing appeal to the aging demographic, especially in…

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Board Operations Home Sweet Home
2015 February Home Sweet Home

Chicago, the third largest city in the United States, is a multicultural hub that thrives on the diversity of its nearly 3 million residents and 77 distinct neighborhoods. Nestled on the southwestern shore of Lake Michigan, Chicago is trav…

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Board Operations Houston, We Have a Problem
2014 October Houston, We Have a Problem

The building blocks of all homeowner’s associations are the community's respective bylaws, administrative documents and house rules. Equally important are legal documents that define critical information and other action items, such as ter…

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Board Operations The Dream Team
2014 October The Dream Team

The “Dream Team” label is often used to describe a perfect combination of highly-skilled people drawn together for a particular purpose. The 1992 U.S. mens' Olympic basketball team is probably the most famous example, but 'dream teams' hav…

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