Category: Landscaping

Landscaping The Grand Design
2013 April The Grand Design

 Whether you live in a towering high-rise or a sprawling suburban development,  landscaping not only helps a condo or HOA increase and retain property values,  but has a positive impact on residents themselves—beautiful, functional green s…

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Landscaping The Irrigation Situation
2013 April The Irrigation Situation

 One of the things that attracts people to a condo or HOA are the beautiful  grounds and lush landscaping that surrounds the property. Because of the  topography of the Chicagoland area, depending on where a home is located, water  could b…

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Landscaping Invasive Species
2013 April Invasive Species

 A pair of Asian carp made headlines last spring when they were found in the  Garfield Park Lagoon. Although officials from the Department of Natural  Resources think they were long-term residents, possibly remnants of a fisherman’s bait b…

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Landscaping Keeping the Grass Greener
2013 April Keeping the Grass Greener

 Chicagoland is not exactly known for year-round sunshine and palm trees. At  first glance, greenery, lawns and lawn care may seem to be non–issues for many city residents, but like most Americans, Chicagoans have a love  affair with lush …

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Landscaping Feeling Flowerful
2012 April Feeling Flowerful

Spring is here, which means the sky is blue, the grass is green, and the flowers will be blooming—that is, if you plant them. From knowing which plants do best in which location to keeping up with everyday care and maintenance, keeping …

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Landscaping Treating Trees
2012 April Treating Trees

When it comes to weather, Chicago's climate conditions are as changing as an adolescent's emotions. One day it's 55 and sunny, the next day you are shoveling snow off your sidewalk. This turbulent weather combined with poor landscaping…

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Landscaping Chemical Concerns
2012 April Chemical Concerns

Since the 1950s, American lawns have been “hooked” on petroleum-based and synthetic chemicals. A plethora of post-war pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and fertilizers were eagerly embraced by both homeowners and landscape professional…

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Landscaping Eco-Friendly Landscaping
2012 April Eco-Friendly Landscaping

In the face of rising water costs, maintenance costs, and a continued depressed housing market, many community associations are finding long-term savings through new landscape strategies that also help our environment. Eco-friendly lan…

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Landscaping Making it Greener
2011 April Making it Greener

 The American Society of Landscape Architects—ASLA, for short—was founded in 1899 by eleven prominent landscape architects, among them John  Charles Olmstead, Frederick Law Olmsted, Jr., and Downing Vaux,  second-generation landscape archi…

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Landscaping Selecting a New Management Company
2011 April Selecting a New Management Company

Finding a new management company for your co-op community can be a daunting task—every building has its own personality, needs, and expectations, and the management field is crowded with prospective providers. In the search for the righ…

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