Category: Security

Security State of Surveillance
2013 December State of Surveillance

There are many different factors that prospective condominium owners take into account when looking to buy a unit. Aesthetics, price, and location are important, for sure. But perhaps the most critical factors of all are the safety of the …

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Security Window Safety and Repair
2013 December Window Safety and Repair

Those who’ve lived through a Chicago winter know they don’t call this the Windy City for nothing. Winters here can be brutal, and most building's exterior structures, or 'envelope' are the first area to suffer wear-and-tear. Allowing leaka…

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Security Hidden Dangers
2013 December Hidden Dangers

In Chicago,buying a co-op or a condo goes something like this: Your realtor takes you to see your dream home. You put in an offer—along with a bunch of other people. After a ferocious bidding war, your offer is finally accepted. You submit…

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Security Who Watches the Watchmen?
2012 December Who Watches the Watchmen?

 Back in the 1980s, McGruff the Crime Dog taught children and parents alike to “Take a bite out of crime.” The tough but affable, anthropomorphic bloodhound was created by the Ad Council  for the National Crime Prevention Council and used …

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Security A Private Matter
2012 December A Private Matter

The issue of intellectual property and an individual’s right to privacy has become a greater concern since more and more people conduct their lives online—whether for banking, social media or dating. While the aforementioned generally h…

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Security Staying Safe
2012 December Staying Safe

 For most people, nothing is more important than knowing that they and their  families are safe and secure in the place they call home. Boards, management  and security firms all must work together seamlessly and cohesively to create  that…

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Security Too Hot to Handle
2012 December Too Hot to Handle

The discovery of fire is considered a major turning point in man's evolution from cave dweller to outer space explorer. Control of fire allowed early man warmth for his habitat, a way to cook his meals, and light for his surroundings. …

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Security Creating a Safe Community
2011 December Creating a Safe Community

 Too often a condominium community takes a hard look at its security only after  the damage is done.    “Our business is an event-driven business,” says Andres Vidales of ADT Security Services, based in the Miami/Fort  Lauderdale, F…

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Security At-Risk Residents
2011 December At-Risk Residents

Meet the residents of the fictional Manor Woods condominium. Mrs. Jones loves her unit. She’s been living there for 30 years and while she’s still independent, she walks and talks a little slower than she used to. Next door, David was i…

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Security Keeping an Eye Out
2011 December Keeping an Eye Out

 It’s often said that safety starts at home—and while many HOAs spend lots of money on sophisticated security and access  control systems to protect residents and property, others opt for lower-tech  solutions to neighborhood security and …

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