2011 April
Focus on... Landscaping & Lawn Care

Landscaping Greening Your Lawn
2011 April Greening Your Lawn

Chicago is a city known far and wide for its harsh weather—and like its residents, Chicago's lawns are built to withstand the icy winter blasts off Lake Michigan. That doesn't mean that your condo or HOA's lawn doesn't need a little ten…

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Landscaping More Than Just a Pretty Face
2011 April More Than Just a Pretty Face

These days, money is tight for just about everybody, including the boards and managers trying to run the day-to-day business of their condo community or homeowners association. Everyone is looking to get maximum return on all expenditu…

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Landscaping The Big 10
2011 April The Big 10

Part of the job of a condo board is to keep your association’s grounds or lawn looking healthy and attractive. After all, curb appeal can do wonders when it comes to appraisals and even the morale of your community members. But most con…

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Finance The Role of Reserve Studies
2011 April The Role of Reserve Studies

One of the trickiest things in planning a budget for your building or HOA is the surprise maintenance problem or structural crisis that comes out of nowhere and depletes your community’s bank account. While you might be prepared for sno…

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Landscaping All About Tree Care
2011 April All About Tree Care

“I think that I shall never see / a poem so lovely as a tree.” – Joyce Kilmer, “Trees” Trees seem simple: You plant one, you wait a long time, then you admire its beauty—right? Though these steps are certainly part of the proce…

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Landscaping Naperville, Illinois
2011 April Naperville, Illinois

 Coming in second is often derided as being, well, second-best, but when your  town is voted the No. 2 best place to live in the entire nation by Money  magazine—as Naperville was in 2006—second place is something to be extremely proud of.…

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Landscaping Selecting a New Management Company
2011 April Selecting a New Management Company

Finding a new management company for your co-op community can be a daunting task—every building has its own personality, needs, and expectations, and the management field is crowded with prospective providers. In the search for the righ…

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Landscaping Making it Greener
2011 April Making it Greener

 The American Society of Landscape Architects—ASLA, for short—was founded in 1899 by eleven prominent landscape architects, among them John  Charles Olmstead, Frederick Law Olmsted, Jr., and Downing Vaux,  second-generation landscape archi…

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Q&A: Contractor Blues
2011 April Q&A: Contractor Blues

Q I hired a contractor to do repairs in my condo and my building is accusing my contractor of damaging the door. My contractor is not aware of the damage and they have not told him anything. They told me when I hired the contractor …

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Q&A: Acting on Another's Behalf
2011 April Q&A: Acting on Another's Behalf

Q May the unit owner provide a written delegation to the resident of his or her unit to act on his or her behalf with respect to the association, including serving on committees or being elected to office? —Concerned Unit …

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Q&A: Renovations Made Without Homeowners Approval
2011 April Q&A: Renovations Made Without Homeowners Approval

Q I live in a 72-unit condo. We have major leaks in our building mostly around windows and air conditioner sleeves. The board hired an engineer that some unit owners heard from other buildings in the area to stay away from. The engi…

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Q&A: Dealing with Noisy Neighbors
2011 April Q&A: Dealing with Noisy Neighbors

Q I live in a three-floor, four-room,30-unit condo, mostly 50-plus, with the only family with children (ages two and three) living on the third floor above me. For the past year there has been an excessive amount of constant running;…

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