2011 August
Focus on... Insurance/Board Training

Insurance Protect Yourself
2011 August Protect Yourself

Serving on one's condo or association board is sometimes a rough job; there are tough decisions to make that impact the lives of one's own friends and neighbors, priorities to set that cannot possibly please everyone, and financial cha…

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Insurance For Every Season
2011 August For Every Season

It's no secret that the insurance industry is big business; there are approximately 2,000 companies competing for market share, which means that co-op, condo, and HOA boards have their work cut out for them when it comes to understandi…

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Insurance Not Your Grandfather's Policy
2011 August Not Your Grandfather's Policy

 Recent developments, both legislative and environmental, have led to  considerable changes in the Illinois insurance marketplace. And such changes,  as managers know, often lead to added paperwork, confusing requirements, and  tricky lega…

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Insurance From Health Clubs to Hot Tubs
2011 August From Health Clubs to Hot Tubs

 Pools, hot tubs, saunas and gyms are big-ticket, high-demand amenities. They add  value and enjoyment to properties without question—but they also come with major considerations when it comes to insurance  coverage.    A condominiu…

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Insurance The More You Know...
2011 August The More You Know...

 Meet John Anderson. He is your friendly association board member. He doesn’t know much about being on a board. He simply wanted to help his community, and  he’s very willing to learn. And then there’s Anne Davis. She has been a member of …

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Insurance Learning the Ropes
2011 August Learning the Ropes

Co-op and condo board members usually are volunteers who live in the building and contribute their time and expertise to help their community. Ideally, they ensure that the building runs well and efficiently, and that residents’ investm…

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Insurance Know Your Board
2011 August Know Your Board

 You may not know the name of your local alderman, or even your state  representative—plenty of polls have shown that many people don't. Politicians are one thing,  but when it comes to the people running your condo building or homeowners …

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Q&A: Regulating Board Elections
2011 August Q&A: Regulating Board Elections

Q I live in a condo complex that has four buildings. Our election for board members is based on the highest number of votes from the four buildings. The problem is that the number of units in each building are not equal. For example on…

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Q&A: Collecting a Fine From a Tenant
2011 August Q&A: Collecting a Fine From a Tenant

Q We have a new unit owner in our building who is a young, very smart man. He had a party of about 15 people, which flowed out from his unit into the lobby and in front of the building where his guests were drinking champagne right out …

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