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Finance The Nuclear Option
2012 September The Nuclear Option

 In the tough environment that has characterized both the national and world  economy over the past few years, many condo owners have faced job loss, reduced  salaries, or just financial uncertainty. While the situation has made things  ex…

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Finance Dealing with Commerical Tenants
2012 July Dealing with Commerical Tenants

 Stores and other commercial businesses on the ground floor of a condo building  used to be a rarity but now they are becoming a hot new amenity, even a  standard for newer buildings. Restaurants, food markets, drugstores, clothing  stores…

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Finance Understanding Your Association's Finances
2012 July Understanding Your Association's Finances

 For a crystal-clear picture of how an association is doing, there are few better  lenses than the community's budgets and financial reports. From an investment  perspective, they show the shareholders, managers, tenants, owners, and board…

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Finance Pay Up!
2012 July Pay Up!

 In the tough economic environment we've been struggling through over the past  few years, many condo owners have faced job loss, pay cuts, or just financial  uncertainty. Unfortunately, the sign of the times sometimes leads to an owner  n…

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Finance Cash-Strapped?
2012 July Cash-Strapped?

Money is a topic people are often skittish about discussing—especially when the discussion involves rising fees, or having to pay more money for something. When you’re a board member or the property manager of a condo building or residen…

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Finance What's In Your Wallet?
2012 March What's In Your Wallet?

In these times of economic uncertainty, nothing is more important than planning for a rainy day, especially when that rainy day might involve repairs to multimillion dollar buildings. That is one of the many reasons why having an adequ…

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Finance Greektown
2011 July Greektown

 Step through a unique six-pillared Greek pavilion at the intersection of  Halstead and Monroe and you're in Greektown, located in Chicago's near-west  community, one of Chicago's most popular neighborhoods for natives and tourists  alike.…

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Finance Worst. Board. Ever!
2011 July Worst. Board. Ever!

 It was time for the the Chicago-based senior association's annual meeting. The  board and residents, men and women, some in their 70s, were emotionally charged  and concerned about various issues that the board would discuss. The issues d…

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Finance Park it Here
2011 July Park it Here

 Anyone who has ever circled the corners looking for a parking spot in Chicago,  especially in the brutal winters, understands the importance of having a  regular parking spot. In a city as crowded and fast-paced as Chicago, parking  is a …

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Finance Budget Basics
2011 July Budget Basics

 Not everybody on a co-op or condo's board is an accountant (or can even balance  their own checkbook, for that matter.) Handling the money for an entire  association is a big responsibility however, and residents rely upon their  board to…

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