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Real Estate Trends What the Future Holds
2012 December What the Future Holds

 It’s been a very rough few years for the real estate market in Chicago—the ongoing recession and sluggish resale market are unfortunately still news  and both buyers and sellers are watching the situation closely for any signs of  improve…

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Organizations SOARing High in Chicagoland
2012 November SOARing High in Chicagoland

 The Streeterville neighborhood in Chicago’s Near North Side is home to tens of thousands of Chicagoans, important  cultural, educational and medical institutions, some of the area’s greatest retail and dining, and a destination for countl…

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Neighborhoods Aurora, Illinois
2012 November Aurora, Illinois

 Aurora is known as the City of Light, a homage to the fact that the city was the  first city in the nation to install electric streetlights. Though overshadowed  by its big brother Chicago, Aurora can easily stand toe-to-toe with the Wind…

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Neighborhoods Jefferson Park
2012 October Jefferson Park

 “Location...Location...Location,” is the age old adage of real estate and Jefferson Park's location,  affordability, safety and access to transportation are the primary factors that  lure people to this lovely corner of the Northwest Side…

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Organizations Keeping it Cool
2012 September Keeping it Cool

 Heating and cooling systems within condominium developments are called upon to  provide safe, consistent energy to residents. The people who bring you heat,  air cooling and refrigeration know that, and want to find what works—and what do…

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Organizations The Insurance Information Institute
2012 August The Insurance Information Institute

It goes without saying that individuals and associations alike need to be properly covered by insurance; that's just common sense. But the wide variety of choices can make obtaining that coverage a daunting process. To help boards and HOAs…

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Organizations Concentrating on Community Association Law
2012 July Concentrating on Community Association Law

 For nearly 20 years, the Community Associations Institute (CAI) has recognized  excellence in the practice of community law through the Falls Church,  Virginia-based College of Community Association Lawyers (CCAL). Of the tens of  thousan…

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Neighborhoods Rogers Park in Chicago
2012 July Rogers Park in Chicago

 Once a Rogers Parker, always a Rogers Parker, it seems. Whether a current or  long-removed resident, folks seem to take pride in their links to the community  bordered by the lake, Western Avenue, Evanston and Devon Avenue.    It m…

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Real Estate Trends Amazing Amenities
2012 July Amazing Amenities

 Chicago is known for having some of the very best urban opportunities in the  world—among the best colleges and schools, museums and libraries, as well as some of  the finest parks, the most interesting architecture, the most intriguing m…

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