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Real Estate Trends Revisiting Reverse Mortgages
2012 February Revisiting Reverse Mortgages

 According to the most recent U.S. Census, an estimated 285,000—or roughly 10 percent—of Chicagoland's population is over the age of 65. Older Chicagoans live in all  parts of the city, both integrated into their longtime neighborhoods and…

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Real Estate Trends Managing Properties in Tough Times
2012 January Managing Properties in Tough Times

 The economy cratered—to use a term in popular parlance at that time—in September 2008, with the collapse of too-big-to-fail Lehman Brothers. While  the measures undertaken by the federal government and the Federal Reserve  averted complet…

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Real Estate Trends Hitting Bottom
2011 December Hitting Bottom

 As the economy sputters along and unemployment rates remain steady at more than  nine percent, there isn’t call for celebration. Whereas the real estate market was also lumped in with  these aforementioned Great Recession causalities, in …

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Real Estate Trends Something Old into Something New...
2011 November Something Old into Something New...

 The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that 136 million tons  of construction and demolition waste was generated in 1996, which was the last  time these figures were made available, and those numbers have most likely  ri…

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Real Estate Trends Holiday Harmony
2011 November Holiday Harmony

 Holidays are usually synonymous with good cheer, smiles, and a festive  atmosphere—but occasionally, they can be the cause of friction and ill will as well. When  people of various faiths and traditions all live in the same high-rise buil…

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Neighborhoods Des Plaines
2011 October Des Plaines

 Des Plaines, Illinois in Cook County was originally settled by the French who  named the town, “of the plains.” Today, the town is officially nicknamed the "City of Destiny."    This suburb of Chicago, which sits right next to O'Ha…

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Neighborhoods Greektown
2011 July Greektown

 Step through a unique six-pillared Greek pavilion at the intersection of  Halstead and Monroe and you're in Greektown, located in Chicago's near-west  community, one of Chicago's most popular neighborhoods for natives and tourists  alike.…

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Neighborhoods Kenosha, Wisconsin
2011 June Kenosha, Wisconsin

 Nestled halfway between Chicago and Milwaukee, Kenosha, Wisconsin is a historic  quaint community and the fourth largest city on the shores of Lake Michigan.  Kenosha is bordered by the lake to the east and is bordered by the Town of  Som…

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Neighborhoods Living in Chicago's Hyde Park
2011 May Living in Chicago's Hyde Park

 Hyde Park, located on the South Side in Cook County is approximately seven miles  south of the Chicago Loop and one of Chicago’s 77 neighborhoods and community areas.    As a neighborhood, Hyde Park's definition has shrunk to a cor…

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Neighborhoods Naperville, Illinois
2011 April Naperville, Illinois

 Coming in second is often derided as being, well, second-best, but when your  town is voted the No. 2 best place to live in the entire nation by Money  magazine—as Naperville was in 2006—second place is something to be extremely proud of.…

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